Notion Creator Course - How to sell Notion Templates

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Notion is more than automated databases & cute designs, it is a versatile tool that enables you to not only store but also share your expertise, knowledge and experience in a unique and effective way. And guess what? The hours you spent on crafting your templates can be transformed into monetary gains! How? By selling your templates.

I started my Notion Creator Journey in December 2021 without having a single idea about the fact that 6 months later it would become one of my best passive income streams. As of now, I have reached more than 5.500 sales of templates and 16.000 thousand followers across different social media platforms, and I'm sure you can reach the same numbers and even more.

The process I went through from December 2021 till today has been anything but smooth, but it forced me to conduct my own experiments and testing processes, and now I have managed to collect precious knowledge on how to monetize on Notion.

If you are already having the time of your life creating your own Notion Templates but want to start selling your wonderful content, this guide is for you.

7 Video sessions covering:

  • Ideation phase: How to ideate spectacular Notion Templates that your audience want
  • Testing phase: How to create prototypes and test out your ideas with real feedback
  • Set up phase: How to set up lucrative sales pages
  • How to Sell Notion templates & take advantage of all Notion Sales Channels
  • Email and Social Media Marketing for Notion.
  • How to create Notion Avatars


1x Notion Website Template

1x Task Management Template

1x Photoshop Template for crafting product box

Advice and experience of fellow creators about their Notion Template Creator journey

What aspiring Notion Creators are saying:

"Just wanted to say I'm loving the Notion Creator course you designed so far. It's given me the push to want to take this niche a bit further and I just launched custom Notion-avatar designs today as a bridge between my art & design brand and my new Notion skills and passion! Just wanted to pop in and say thanks, as your course and presence are definitely the driving force behind these decisions." - Sarah (IG: Sara_notion)

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Notion Creator Course - How to sell Notion Templates

2 ratings
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