Personal Growth Planner - Notion Dashboard Template

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Now is the time to embrace your own personal growth to live better and take the right decisions that are aligned with what you want in life. I created this planner to foster growth and change in your personal life as it did in mine.

You will benefit from this template if:

  • You are curious about how to kickstart your self-development process

  • You are motivated to become more self-aware and get to know yourself better

  • You are interested in investing in yourself and want to live more aligned with your inner purpose

  • You are attracted to the idea about keeping a journal but often don't know how to write deep reflective entries

What is included:

This Personal Growth Planner encourages you to organize your self-development process in one place. Stimulate growth and self-awareness by diving deeply into your own mental space and world of thoughts.

  • A Self-Reflection journal with 250+ questions

  • An automated Ikigai Database that will help you find your Ikigai

  • An Emotion Toolbox

  • Tips and tricks to motivate your growth

  • To-do-list for specific moods

  • Inspiring insights about love and relationships

What are people saying?:

"I’ve started using this yesterday to help with my personal growth. I love it so much already." Singyi on Aug 30, 2021

"These templates are very beautiful and easy to use. I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend giving a notion a try to anyone who is looking for a customizable way to organize their life." Laura on Dec 4, 2021

"I absolutely love this beautiful dashboard. I've been wanting to invest more in myself and my personal growth, and I feel like this was the perfect place to start. (...) If you are looking for a fun, wholehearted and quirky dashboard/diary/journal, this is the one for you!" Lyly le on Jul 22, 2021

"This was absolutely stunning, and really allowed for me to reflect on myself better. thanks!" Felicity on Aug 17, 2021

I want this!

A complete notion template created to help you grow. Filled with insights and tools to accompany you ion your self-growth journey.

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Personal Growth Planner - Notion Dashboard Template

0 ratings
I want this!